The BEST Amazon Prime Days for TEACHERS 2020!

 Are you looking for different teaching tools for the 2020 school year?  Or, are you thinking about materials to meet the needs of your in-class and distance learning students? If you're like me, you have a tight teacher budget to spend and will be searching for great bargains on Amazon Prime Day!  

This post contains affiliate links to materials I recommend. If you purchase something using these links I may receive a small commission.

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What is Prime Day

Amazon's Prime Day is a world-wide shopping event, where thousands of products are discounted. You can find deals on items from across a huge spectrum. 

When is Prime Day

The savings are set to occur on Tuesday, October 13th and Wednesday, October 14th!  When it starts, it will kick off at 12:00 A.M. PT and most likely end at 12:00 P.M the next day. The deals usually last for 48 hours! 🌟


You may find awesome deals on school supplies like glue sticks, dry erase markers, and pencils. Be on the look out for furnishings such as rainbow stools, spot markers, and wobble stools. Thinking about adding more technology to your classroom? Echo Dots are incredibly useful tools!

Check out Amazon Audible for the world's largest selection of digital audiobooks! 📚

This post contains affiliate links to materials I recommend. If you purchase something using these links I may receive a small commission.

ALL THE DEALS (updated frequently, prices subject to change)
* HUGE deal on ECHO PLUS

OSMO kits! 🌈🌟💫

If you're new to OSMO, be sure to look for either the iPad base or the tablet base.

OSMO has some new activities, too! They have coding now!

Check out these other OSMO products.

Digital Learning / Remote Instruction:

Portable monitor (I have this... I LOVE it!)

10-Pack Stylus Pens! 🍎🍏🍎 

Fancy Stylus Pen!

Plug in microphone (solid reviews!) 🤩 

Powerstrip SURGE protector--Lightning Deal, hurry! ⚡️ 

Blue Light blocking Glasses 🧐 

Laptop Stand (I have this and LOVE it!) 💥 

30-Pack Zippered Pouches 🙋‍♀️ 

Tablet Stand (I have this and love it!) add coupon!  


Kodak instant printer-docking

Printer ink

Printer ink

More ink...

Projector outdoor movies and includes a screen! 🔥

USB powered photo negative viewer

Wireless, digital microscope 

Gooseneck phone holder

MP3 Music player


Powerbeats headphones  

Apple AirPods With wired charging case

Apple AirPods With wire-less charging case

Apple AirPods AirPods Pro (Super HIGH reviews!)

Wireless, Bluetooth Earbuds

In-ear headphones with mic

Full-size, over-the-ear headphones Panasonic

Bone conduction headphones

Health & Safety:

50 Disposable Masks

B Complex vitamins

Skin Recovery cream

Revlon infrared hair dryer 

Toys/STEM/Hands on Fun:

24 Pack of Play-Doh

Kinetic Sand

Window Art Suncatchers

Sphero Specdrums

Yehtta Rainbow Rubber Bands Loom

Snap Circuits

Sphero Mini Learn to Code 

Orboot Globe with interactive app 

For the Classroom:

Dry erase board for tabletop

Expo ultra fine tip

Expo Markers


Post-It Flags

Sticky Notes

Sharpener (I’ve had this for over 5 years… still going strong!)

Glue Sticks

Sitspots (pack of 30)

24 Zippered pouches

20-Pack of student scissors

Wireless doorbell (LOVE this, still!)

Rainbow pencil holder (had to add-very cute!)

Post-It Flipchart paper

Hanging Cell Phone holder

Scotch thermal pouches

Scotch washi tape 8-pack

Scotch magic tape 6-pack

Scotch thermal laminator (have it, love it!)

Avery office supplies

Mobile Standing Whiteboard

Amazon Prime Day deals on BOOKS--Buy THREE for the price of TWO!  Yes, it's a magical Rabbit hole to travel down.  Check out these 10 book SETS and 15 single books for INTERMEDIATE readers! 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇



* Dogman Books #1-3

* Dogman Books #4-6

* The Hardy Boys starter set #1-5

* Wings of Fire book set

* I Survived Series--set of 10

* Amulet Box set #1-8

* The Borrowers #1-5

* Roald Dahl Set of 4

* E.B. White box set

* Captain Underpants set #1-5


🐰 📚 ❤️ 🐰 📚 ❤️ 🐰 📚 ❤️ 🐰 📚 ❤️



* Who Was Ruther Bader Ginsburg?

* The Girl Who Drank the Moon

* Crenshaw

* Pax

* One and Only Ivan

* Wish

* Esperanza Rising

* The Wild Robot

* Smile

* Sisters

* Ghosts

* Inside Out and Back Again

* The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

* Magic Treehouse #1

* What Was the Declaration of Independence


MORE to choose from:


Preschool Workzone

Android Products:

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Tablet with 64 GB

Smartphone Headphone Jack Adapter

Smartwatch for Android Phones  

Wireless earbuds (compatible with smartphones)

Micro- USB cable--2 Pack & 10 feet long! (one is 6ft.)

Charging cable & port (perfect if you keep an extra at work!)

Apple Products:

MacBook Air

MacBook Pro 16 GB

MacBook Pro 8 GB

iPad 32 GB

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 5

iPad Keyboard Case 

Cell Phone charging cable (2-pack, 10 FEET long!)

Apple AirPods with Case 

Smartphone Headphone Jack Adapter/ Dongle

Double charger for your iPhone AND your Apple Watch (click the coupon, too!)

Flex Seating:

Wobble Stools Learniture 15" (I have these, love them)

Wobble Stools 14", reviews look solid

Wobble Stools ECR4Kids 15" (really like this company, great reviews)

(I'm watching this company, because last year they had a big Prime Day sale 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞)

Pearington stackable stools


Some cute clothing on sale!

* Short dress, Long Sleeve 🍎

* Long dress, Long Sleeve 🍉

* Flowy tunic blouse ♥️

* This just made me laugh! 😆

* Cozy, stretchy pants 😍


For Kids:

Stainless Steel water bottle

Baseball glove ages 3-5 

Helmet ages 3-5

Headphones for Kids 

Soccer goal (solid deal!)

Climbing rope / tree swing

Throw & Catch Flying Rings

Colorful Yoga mat  

Youth football (all teams option)


Vinyl sheets


100 Sheer jewelry organza bags

100 skeins of embroidery thread

Yarn & crochet set 

Acrylic Paint Markers

Fabric Paint set

Latch Kits (owls!)

Tracing Pad

Handheld sewing machine

For the Home:


BIG savings on Roomba!

Crepe Maker / Griddle

Stanley products

Insulated lunchbox

USA pans

Did you know you can make a public WISH LIST on Amazon? 👈👈👈
It's a great way to keep track of the items you want, and to share your wish list items 
with folks who want to "gift" your classroom!

Check out this Prime Day wish list and a Classroom wish list!

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Have fun watching the deals unfold and happy school shopping!

This post may contain affiliate links to materials I recommend.